We decided to test our our ability to capture quality video and interviews along the way a while back on the Guadalupe.  Our fishing buddies who really are two “characters”,  James Kelley and Dan McCormack, came down to fish.  There will be much more on them in a later post.

We hooked up with Alvin Dedeaux and JT Van Zandt of All Water Guides and had an incredible day on the river fishing.  All of the video from the Guadalupe Ramble video as well as this video was shot by Keith Mitchell (Digital Aspirations).

At each spot we fish, we hope to capture interviews with local guides…. Hence, Guide Talk!  In this case, Alvin and JT were game to share some of their adventures, best stories and most importantly to all you fly fishers out there…. tips on catching fish on the Guadalupe River.   In addition to being awesome guides, they are truly “characters”.  Their interview was priceless!

Please share your thoughts on what kinds of questions you’d like us to be asking the guides we float/wade with along the way.  We want to make sure we capture the info that is helpful to fly fishers coming to the river for the first time.

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