Frying Pan

The Frying Pan River flows into the Roaring Fork River near the town of Basalt, CO, the home of Frying Pan Anglers (FPA).  We had an epic float fishing trip down the Roaring Fork with Ed Deison, senior guide at FPA, but, more on that in another post.  The prime fishing on the “Pan” as its known in the area, is the tailwater section below Ruedi Reservoir.

We had the pleasure of fishing the “Pan” with Eric Way, a guide with FPA who specializes in wade trips on the river.  We met Eric at the fly shop and headed up river to fish.  We grabbed a pullout along the river that was empty and made our way down to the water.  Almost immediately, Eric saw a big rainbow hiding behind a large rock submerged below the water.  The rainbow would slide out into the current to feed before sliding back in behind the rock.  He rigged up a two fly nymph rig and told me to “go for it”.  In about 4 drifts by the rock, it was “FISH ON”!  What an incredible start to a great day fishing on the Frying Pan.

We had a chance to sit down with Eric during a lunch break along the river and interview him.

Eric is a very fun guy and is a great guide as well.  We talked fishing, fly tying (he’s an expert in an English form of tying), beer, food and more.  We know you’ll enjoy his “guide talk” with us.

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