When we checked into the Duranglers fly shop in Durango (CO), we asked about our guide, the kind of boat we’d be floating and what section of the river we’d likely float. We also asked if our guide was “fun”.  We’ve discovered that we really enjoy having the “fun” guides on our trips.  Sure we love to catch fish… a lot of fish when we can… but it’s about so much more than that.

We were a bit surprised and excited when we were told our guide’s nickname was “Crazy Mike”.   “Crazy” can have so many meanings….. crazy fun…. crazy river running…. crazy insane…. etc….  The next morning, we met “Crazy Mike” Sulkosky at the shop and immediately started appreciating his brand of “crazy”.

We had a blast!  Mike navigated all the boulder fields we encountered and made it look easy, although we know it’s not.  We also caught some good fish along the way.  But most importantly, we had an incredibly fun day on the water with Mike.

We’ll definitely be back to fish with Mike again, but until then, we hope you enjoy our “Guide Talk” with this incredible, thoughtful, talented and “FUN” guide, “Crazy Mike”.

PS   You’ll also hear why he’s called “Crazy Mike”… priceless!