Miller Watson, our Tuckasegee guide from Hookers Fly Shop in Sylva, went to Western Carolina University and indicated he might have skipped a few classes to fish.  What makes the Tuck so special is the pristine water that feeds it.  Here you can find rainbows, browns and brook trout.   You will find stocked and wild browns and rainbows.  Also, stocked brookies.   The “grand slam” of the river is to net all three.  Biggest in boat for Miller was a 27” wild brown.

According to Miller around 90% of the feeding pattern is subversive.  Stonefly imitations, whether you call them Pat’s rubber legs, stoneflies, silly legs, hot head marvin as well as smaller nymph patterns are the ticket to catching fish.

Best times to come are obviously whenever you can, but if you had to pick a time, March through May, and October through November are the prime times for trout.   Smallmouth move into the river in the summer and provide a great challenge as well.  Trophy smallmouth of 4-6 pounds can be had.

For a cold one after fishing, head to Innovation Brewing in Sylva NC.  One of the top 5 breweries in the state.  Sits right on a beautiful creek flowing through Sylva.

Stay tuned for the North Carolina Recap.  Miller is also in a band, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and we’ll be highlighting one of their songs.

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