Kettle Creek

There were no guides to be had for Kettle Creek so we went to the local fly shop, Kettle Creek Tackle Shop, for help in picking flies and spots to fish.  We never know quite what to expect when we go in “blind” to a fly shop with our story of fishing the TU Top 100 Trout Streams.  Most warm up pretty quickly to help us out (we must look desperate) but sometimes it takes a visit or two, which was the case here.  However, once we got to know the shop and its staff, they were awesome in getting us onto the right flies.  As for spots to fish, we kind of stumbled onto them.  However, what a stumble we had!

We caught fish each day on dry flies in numerous spots.  We even got to fish a couple of tributaries including the Cross Fork which brought us some beautiful brook trout.   Barb and I both love fishing small streams for wild brook trout.

The area along Kettle Creek was just gorgeous.  We stayed in Kettle Creek State Park in the SaraLinda.  Had a couple of great meals (and beers) at Deb’s Cross Fork Inn in the little town of Cross Fork.  And visited the Ole Bull State Park several times for picnics and “rest stops”.   Ole is actually a man’s name and is pronounced “Oly” like the beer.  There were several creative fishing camps along the road like the “Oly Cow Camp” and one titled “Oly S#%t”.   Fly fishing people have a unique sense of humor.

We hope you enjoy this short music video chronicling our time along Kettle Creek.