The first time we strolled into the Fly and Field Outfitters fly shop in Bend, Oregon, a young man named Jasper welcomed us.   We needed some studs for our boots as we were about to fish a river with a very slippery bottom, as in, you’re going to fall in the river if you don’t have studs.  I still fell in that river but that’s a North Umpqua Steel story.

We also needed to book a couple of guide trips and get some flies.  You ALWAYS get some flies when you walk into a fly shop.  For us, its an unwritten rule, no, actually a requirement I think.

As we were booking our guide for the Deschutes River, Jasper looked up and asked “Griff, can you take them?”.   He hinted that he could get someone else, but, Griff told him he would take us.  It turned out the exchange between Jasper and Griff was actually between a son and his father.  Jasper was watching out for his dad.

We met Griff at the Warm Springs boat ramp at 7:30 and embarked on what was to be an incredible day.  The weather was perfect and as it turned out, the fishing was perfect as well.  We learned a great deal from Griff who struck a great balance between instruction and fishing.

We did our interview in the Deschutes River, literally in the river, after a stream side lunch of grilled chicken thighs, Asian salad, potato salad and cookies.  While Griff was cooking lunch, Barb hooked into a giant steelhead which took two huge jumps and a few runs before setting loose.

If you come to fish the Deschutes, make sure to book Griff Marshall of Fly and Field Outfitters if you can.  I promise you will enjoy the day and likely find a nice Redband trout or steelhead on the end of your line a few times.  For now, please enjoy our Sweet As the Deschutes with Griff Marshall interview.