We started our California “Ramble” in Truckee on our way to fish the Mt. Shasta area.  We went through the area again on our way down the Eastern Sierra’s, to fish the tributaries of the Kern and the Owens.  Finally, we came back to Truckee to actually fish the Truckee River.

We setup the SaraLinda in a campground a stone’s throw from the river.  This proximity to the river made meeting  our guide, Matt “Gilligan” Koles, the owner/head guide of Gilligan’s Guide Service, a breeze (and let us sleep later than usual before a guide trip!).  When we met Matt, we saw he had a buddy with him; Elliott, Matt’s dog.  We proceeded to drive down the right side of the river on a one lane gravel road,  to a pullout above the river’s edge.

After gearing up, Matt, Barb, Elliott and I headed down the hill to the river.  The river was flowing very fast, so we fished from the bank and also waded carefully out into the water a ways, so we could hit some seams and soft areas.  Within a few moments, we’d hit into a few fish, including a really nice rainbow for Barb… and a very large brown for me.

What we learned from Matt, is that the Truckee is more about “quality” than “quantity”.   The Truckee did not disappoint, as all the fish we hooked were of a good size… and much more.  Matt was great getting us to the right spots to experience success and he also rigged our rods with flies specially suited for Truckee River fishing.

When you come to Truckee to fish, you need to make sure to call Matt, well in advance, and take a trip with him.  Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy this “Guide Talk” we had with “Gilligan” on the hillside above the Truckee.

Ramble On

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You look so happy, Tom! You’re in your element. Hope to see you and Barb during your next visit. Jen


    Absolutely Jen! And yes, we’re both finding that our happy spot is near trout streams. Can’t wait to see you soon!


Cool interview. I fish the T a lot and Matt is not only a great guide he’s also a wonderful steward of the watershed. His blog and insights into the river are fabulous. Glad you could visit!


    Thanks Chris! We loved our time on the water with Matt and will definitely be coming back to fish. Cheers!

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