Big Spring Creek

We had an incredible day with Jake Villwock of TCO Fly Fishing in Boiling Springs PA.  We fished two spring creeks, the Le Tort Spring Run and Big Spring.  The Le Tort is on the TU Top 100 Trout Streams list and proved to be challenging to say the least.  Big Spring turned out to be a blast.

Jake is a character and we absolutely enjoyed our time fishing with him.  Barb was laughing so hard, well, she’ll have to tell it.  Jake had us going stealth on fish.  Kneeling on the banks of the creeks casting to wary fish upstream of us.  Walking through muck to get tot he best spots.  He even had me crawling out into the middle of the creek on my hands and knees stalking a large rainbow.  I know, you’re thinking crazy…. but we hooked into fish and even landed a few.

Its fun fishing spring creeks that are such challenges.  We’ve fished a few out in Montana, Nelson’s and Depuy’s to name a couple.  However, these were even greater challenges.  We were lucky to have Jake along as our guide pointing out fish, keeping us low and sharing how best to cast to the fish.  Plus…. saying…. “oooop” at just the right moment.

We know you’ll enjoy his interview.  Its laced with great information about fishing the area, general tips to make your fly fishing experiences even better wherever you are, and most importantly, its pure fun.  A tip of our hats and a “cheers” with a Sly Fox SFT Ale… to Jake!!!