Big Thompson



Don’t get confused by the title of this post.  It’s NOT about the Missouri River at all, but our guide on the Big Thompson, Jeff “Mohawk” Curran of Kirk’s Fly Shop.  When you watch the video, it will become apparent why the nickname.

We’ve really enjoyed all the “characters” we’ve met along our Ramble and Mo is no exception.   When we asked him about his perfect day guiding on a trip, he summarized it in one word, FUN!  We had a blast fishing with Mo, sharing stories, and seeing this beautiful landscape that surrounds the Big Thompson River through his lens.

Mo took us to really cool places to fish, IF the river had not been raging as it was.  I’m sure you’re seeing a theme of our western adventures, lots and lots of water.  However, seeing them with Mo, you could easily imagine when the flows are normal, how special fishing these locations would be.  Needless to say, we’ll be coming back to the Big Thompson and to the streams of Rocky Mountain National Park again to fish with Mo.  For now, please enjoy our “Guide Talk” with Mo, on the banks of the Big Thompson River near Estes Park, CO.