We leave central Texas Tuesday, February 28th, heading out on our 2017 River Ramble adventure.  We’ve enjoyed our time along the Guadalupe River and in Austin over the past 7 weeks, but in the immortal words of Led Zeppelin, its time to “Ramble On”.

The picture above shows our route for 2017.  We’ll start by heading west first, fishing in AZ, CA, ID, CO, WY and MT in the spring and summer.  As we traverse from west to east in August, we’ll stop to fish the Driftless area in Wisconsin and a couple of other rivers in Minnesota.   We’ll also make a mandatory stop in Indiana to see our grandkids, of course!

Come fall, we’ll start out in NH, VT and ME before heading south along the Appalachian Trail to PA, WV, VA and TN.  We’re hoping to catch some fish, but as importantly, some of the beautiful fall foliage in the mountains and new friends.  We saw this beautiful country last spring and we cannot wait to see it in the fall.

While we’ll be fishing 48 new streams that are a part of the Trout Unlimited’s Top 100 Trout Streams, we’ll also be on the lookout for other new streams to fish as well as hitting some of those we fished in 2016.  We’ve purposefully planned our route so that we’re close to most of the 2016 rivers we fished.

We hope you’ll follow along with us again this year.  Also, if you have any angling friends who might enjoy our blog, we hope you’ll send them to www.riverramble.com and encourage them to “Subscribe”.  As you know, we simply send out an email once a week to update you about any new posts we’ve made to the blog.

The SaraLinda is ready and it’s time to….

Ramble On

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Scott Dittner

When will you be on the San Juan River, NM


    Scott… YES! We’re hitting the San Juan in early April. Can’t wait!

Ron McNeal

Looks like you’re planning to go to Craig, MT to fish the Missouri. Hope you are. If not, consider trying to squeeze it in. I’m sure you get a zillion suggestions like this…………. BUT, the Big Mo really is a legendary fishery..


    Absolutely!!! We love going to Craig and fishing the MO!!!

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