Our “go to” fly shop along the Gallatin River is Wild Trout Outfitters (WTO) in Big Sky, MT.  JD Bingman is the owner/guide at WTO and has helped Barb and I find and catch fish for over 12 years.

We first got to know JD years ago when he helped out our future son-in-law Chris Drake with his fishing Suburban.  I cannot remember if Chris had a name for the Suburban but if you’ve ever spent time out west near rivers, it was the poster child for a fly fishing vehicle.   In one instance, it needed assistance to get going sitting right in front of WTO and JD came to the rescue.

Since then we’ve been coming to see JD and his WTO team every time we’re in the area.  He knows what’s catching fish and where to find them.  Just take a look at the pictures that line the wall behind where we interviewed JD.  You’ll see some of the impressive fish (and fishermen) that have been landed along the Gallatin.   If you stop, spend some time in the shop and listen, you might even hear about some “Nunya” spots along the Gallatin and its tributaries.  You may have to hike a ways to get to them, but its worth the effort…. trust us!

We had a chance to sit down with JD this week and talk about his start in fishing as well as all things Gallatin River…. how best to fish it, what kinds of hatches to expect and what kinds of fish you’ll find.  You’ll also see a cameo by his dog, Hopper!   Hope you enjoy this “character” from one of the TU Top 100 trout streams, JD Bingman.

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