The Green River is over 700 miles long, originating in the Wind River mountains of Wyoming.  It flows through Wyoming and Utah before joining the Colorado River for about 40 miles in Western Colorado.  There are two sections of the Green in the TU Top 100 Trout Streams book.

The Flaming Gorge section is in northeastern Utah, specifically flowing out of Flaming Gorge Dam near Dutch John, UT, is the section we floated with Ryan Dangerfield of the Flaming Gorge Resort.  We stayed at the RV park connected to the Resort so our commute to meet Ryan and head to our put in was easy.

The Green below the dam is broken up for fishing purposes into 3 sections, A, B and C.  Ryan decided we’d do a “mix”, the second half of the “A” section and the first half of the “B” section.  What this meant was that we put in at the beginning of the “A” section and then rowed downstream, not fishing, until we made the midway point of “A”.  This way, we didn’t bother those people who were fishing ONLY the “A” section.  Clear as mud?  As it turned out, we avoided both a muddy river (red creek was blown out and muddying the Green) and a downpour in “A” because of Ryan’s decision to do the “AB” option.

We caught beautiful, strong rainbows and browns on dry flies all day and enjoyed the great scenery of the Flaming Gorge area.  We also had a great interview with Ryan in a “Carpool Karaoke” kind of way on our drive out.  We hope you enjoy it!

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