Trekking through what seemed like a rainforest filled with rhododendron,  we followed Harrison Beckwith, our guide from Brookings Cashiers Village Anglers, to the Chattooga River.  From shop rat to guide, Harrison Beckwith has been fishing in and around these area waters since he was 6.  He takes great pleasure in helping others have a successful day on the water.  His shop (and now Instagram) name, River Wizard, is so perfect!

The Chattooga, as Harrison pointed out and we experienced, is a technical fishery.  High sticking, long casts, stealth and presentation are keys to catching fish.  The day we fished with Harrison, the water was gin clear and the fish weren’t feeding aggressively.   These are wild trout and they are hard to catch.

Flies are pretty basic.  Small pheasant tails, hare’s ears, stoneflies, mayflies, tan caddis are the ticket.  More important, again…. stealth and presentation.

Listen in on this interview with Harrison for more details on how to have a successful day fishing this beautiful river.

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