Hello and welcome to our blog. Just getting our feet wet and trying to learn things on the fly (pun fully intended). A wise man told us to “jump in” so here we are.

First and foremost, we’re going to try and use this medium to share our journey and find out what readers find interesting, engaging and want more of along the way. To begin, the focus will be on fishing. More specifically, it will be about fly fishing. Not that we’re any good at it but it holds an important place now in our lives and we share a passion for it.

I’m sure we will ramble on about other topics that seem to dovetail with our fishing adventures as well. As the tag line on the blog suggests, we’ll share fly fishing, friends, food and fun. We hope you’ll not only subscribe and follow us on this adventure, but become a part of it by sharing your ideas, questions and recommendations. Cheers!

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